Puzzle Magnet Book Fun

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Puzzle Magnet Book Fun Scenario 3D Stereo Magnetic Stickers Toys Dressup


Most of its rawcome from nature.

Sticker craft, rich and diverse content.

Because of the diversity of wood, the selection of wooden toys is also flexible

Wooden toys not only look light and, the prices are moderate, the colors are also colorful, and they are easy to operate and are loved by parents and children.

Wooden toys benefit from the naturalness of the raw s, and are easy to clean and maintain.




Color:As the picture show(optional)


We choose envmentally friendly s, so parents can buy with confidence.

1. The back is magnetic, and put the magnetic piece on the scene board.

2. Refer to the card to put the magnetic film on the scene board to exercise your baby's thinking creativity

3. Can be used as a storage box to cultivate the good habit of packing up baby's love.

Package Included:

Magnetic puzzle set*1

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