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Joyz Blocks Battle Tank Rotating Tower Toys for Kids, Adults

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TOYJOYZ Joyz Blocks Battle Tank Rotating Tower Toys for Kids, Adults.


BATTLE TANK: disguise body height imitation demonstrating, independent deferment system, all-independent suspension shock absorption, not afraid of slope obstacles, conquering all kinds of rugged roads

360° ROTATING TURRET: Long-term riding, friction track is not afraid of hillside obstacles, absorbing all kinds of rough roads. 360° rotating turret, the simulated turret can be rotated 330°, the attack surface is wider, and it can easily face the enemy. The barrel can be adjusted up and down by 30° to simulate a real turret and bring you a real driving experience!

PERFECT SIZE: ready to run; this car is the best birthday gift or Christmas gift for children, it helps to cultivate children's intelligence and practice ability.

Crawler: The crawler use rubber which can make the motion status of the car & tank more similar to the real one. Color: The whole car & tank painted into vivid Army Green.

Sluban Dolls: The Sluban dolls using high technology for presenting a more vivid movement. Through high technology, the dolls' heads and wrists can be rotated 15 degrees, at the same time the waists can be rotated 360 degrees.

  • Material: Pieces: 344 Pieces
  • Box Szie: 19.99*11.22*2.64 inch
  • Carton Size: 29.99.95X29.99X11.81 inch