TOYJOYZ Detective Card Game

TOYJOYZ Detective Card Game

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TOYJOYZ Detective Card Game



1 game board
12 Detective marks
40 Stars rewards
40 Gamecards
1 Hourglass

Open the game board,place it on the center of the desk and shuffle 40 game cards;every round of game only needs some of them. Cards distribution:
For 2 players game:6 Game cards for player
For 3 players game:4 Game cards for player
For 4 players game:3 Game cards for player
When the players get the game Cards,he or she can not peek in private. The face of the card should be placed before his of her own.Each player selects on of the same color of 3 Detective Marksand put beside its hands.
40 Stars Rewards are placed beside you for ready.

a) Distribute all the Stars Rewards averagely to all the players to start the game.Within the time present,all the players start aeeking the patterns together. The player finding more patterns can get the corresponding Stars Rewards fron the players who can get less patterns or no patten.
b) Form a team for a game:The game workflow Keeps the same. When calculating the score, the totalscore of the 2 teams are calculated to compare who gets the higher score.
c) Tinming Game:Select randomly 4 pieces of Game Cards;take all the 12 Detective Marks and put all of them, one by one, on the correct pesition on the Game Board and see how long you will take to find the 12items. Every day you can up-date your own record.


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