TOYJOYZ Deluxe Kitchen BBQ

TOYJOYZ Deluxe Kitchen BBQ

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 TOYJOYZ    29" Deluxe Kitchen BBQ Pretend Play Grill Set with Light and Sound



This fun barbecue playset includes everything to get started! Surprise your child with a fun Cooking Play Set.
This pretends play set consists of the whole barbecue set up with the works.
Boasting plenty of accessories such as pots, cutlery, food, utensils, and more, this barbecue playset is great for playing.
Let your little one enjoy the pretend to play and encourage their imagination to soar with this BBQ grill cooking playset!

Brightly colored, your child will be ecstatic and will spend hours at this Barbecue Play Set.
Complete with a rotisserie and grill plate, this set even has a lid so you can wheel it around on the 2 wheels like a real BBQ Grill.
To make it more engaging, this set lights up and sizzles like a real barbecue.
With plenty of things to cook and do, your child will love this cooking play set!

There are two ways to cook: small food pieces over grill plate or roasting chicken on a rotisserie.
This set features a removable grill plate, light-up coals, and grilling sounds.
Just turn the knob and start grilling!

BBQ Grill Cooking Play Set
Lights up and Sizzles like a Real Barbecue
Plenty of Accessories Including Food and Cooking Tools
Portable on 2 Wheels
Size: 29" x 12" x 27"

Weight: 5 lbs


1x Beef
1x Green Pepper
1x Sausage
1x Onion
1x Mushroom
1x Salt Bottle
1x Pepper Bottle
1x Ketchup Bottle
2x Plates
2x Tongs
1x Knife

Requires 3AA batteries (not included). For ages 3 and up.

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