Warranty details

How do I purchase a warranty for my product?

To get a warranty on your product, you can purchase it while on the product page. There will be two little icons from CPS warranty beneath the product listing , both on the product page and once you are viewing the product in the cart. you simple click on the amount of time you want and it will be added to the cart along with your product.

Our products are all shipped within USA. Hence all items are recieved with 4 to 15 days. Usually closer to the lower side.

How does the warranty work?

For the first 30 days after you purchased the item, simply contact us if you need a replacement showing photographic proof. From 31 days onward contact CPS directly and they will take care of you and send you a new product.

How do I know if I purchased the warranty for my product?

You will recieve an email with a confirmation stating that you have purchased the warranty.

Can I purchase a warranty after ordering the item?

Once an item is ordered, you can no longer purchase a warranty for the item. You can return the item, if it withing 7 days of delivery and reorder the product along with the warranty.

How do we contact you?

Simply go to the contact us button, button on the bottom of the page. Or email us at Info@toyjoyz.com.

For any questions:


Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.